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The Scalpel With Dr. Keith Rose

Nov 3, 2020

Election Day 2020 Special - Getting Out The Vote   Today on The Scalpel, Dr Rose welcomes Bill Wilson - political consultant who has served Members of Congress and assisted with Presidential and other political campaigns - and he’s an award winning journalist, author, and media consultant.   Through history and experience, listen to the discussion about the battle for the soul of our nation.   The Scalpel with Dr. Keith Rose is proudly sponsored by Zbones Bone Conduction Headphones. Learn more at   Save at checkout with discount code Scalpel70.   Bill Wilson can be found online at   Bill Wilson is a Christian journalist, professional writer, and commentator on current events relating to the relationship between the United States, Israel and Islam.  With nearly 42 years experience, Wilson spent the first part of his career as an award-winning journalist.   He then entered the realm of political and media consulting, serving Members of Congress and assisting with Presidential and other political campaigns.  Thus, Bill intimately understands current events from a dual perspective—he’s been both the one who reports the news and the one who influences what is reported.   He has traveled the world, sharing with diverse audiences how current events relate to Biblical prophecy.  And, he is the Co-founder of a successful ministry in Ghana, West Africa, dedicated to training rural pastors to bring the Gospel of Christ to the area’s Muslim population.   His accomplishments also include taking one of the first Internet companies public on the NASDAQ exchange, and authoring two books, including A Christian Parent’s Guide To Making the Internet Family Friendly and WARSHOD--Living Victoriously in the End Times. Bill also is the founder and president of The Engine Room, a think tank that consults with major corporations such as the National Football League on strategies including character and professional development.   Bill has addressed audiences around the world regarding current events and how they relate to God's word. He and his wife Chris have been married 31 years and reside just outside our nation’s capital.