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The Scalpel With Dr. Keith Rose

Aug 27, 2021

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: A SIMULCAST of The Charlie Kirk Show with Dr. Keith Rose discussing the latest from Afghanistan
This episode of the Scalpel is  simulcast of The Charlie Kirk Show - check Charlie Kirk dot com.
Dr. Rose was a guest with Andrew and Charlie today and is a situation that is violently fluid, the information is coming in with such ferocity and constantly changing that it's hard to remain current for very long.
But in this conversation, you will get important information that will help explain the events that have occurred that have led us to this point, as well as an explanation of the countries involved, the benefits they gain from a Taliban leadership, and the price being paid by the United States on the world stage.
As always, we at the Scalpel will do our best to continue to bring you the most current information we can safely share - on The Scalpel podcast and at Scapel Edge dot.

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