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The Scalpel With Dr. Keith Rose

Jun 22, 2022

Have you looked around lately?
We’re sure that you’ve noticed the turmoil of the world and probably as well that there doesn’t seem that there is much hope for solving the problems we see.
We want to suggest looking for the origination of the chaos.
THAT - is what we need to address.
And YES, there is an...

Jun 10, 2022

Ep.238 Destroying The Progressive Takeover of America: Start With Personal Identity
In this episode of The Scalpel, Dr. Rose addresses The Great Reset.
There is clearly overwhelming chaos in the United States - even around the world. It is in a state of instability in financial markets, food supply, and fuel. Our...

Jun 2, 2022

The Scalpel - FIRST CUT - June 2, 2022 Cue The Sun -

Recognizing deception in a sea of abnormality.


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