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The Scalpel With Dr. Keith Rose

Mar 9, 2022

In this episode of The Scalpel, Dr. Rose is joined by award-winning journalist Lara Logan for an extended conversation and deep-dive into everything that matters about Ukraine.
This is the most important episode of The Scalpel we have ever published. This is a very complex situation and you will need to pay attention to this conversation and probably listen more than once.
Donald Trump was impeached because of Ukraine. Joe Biden withheld aid money to Ukraine and demanded the firing of a prosecutor. Putin is desperate for war, which is about to escalate.
What is the significance of the Black Sun emblem?
Why is Ukraine so important and what role does Ukraine play in crushing freedom around the world?
You're about to find out.
Ukraine On Fire - 2016 - Oliver Stone
Russia Accuses US of Placing Bio-Weapons Labs On Its Borders
The sad inevitability of Ukraine’s measles outbreak
Ukraine botulism update: 76 cases this year, anti-toxin received
Volunteer Battalions - A Sample of Profiles
Does Ukraine have a Neo-Nazi problem?
NATO Says It Didn't Notice Ukraine Soldier's Apparent Nazi Symbol in Tweet
Nazi Symbols and Emblems
Walter Cronkite
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