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The Scalpel With Dr. Keith Rose

Mar 11, 2020

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Dr Rose brings the latest information on the Coronavirus and provides unique insight into the management of this pandemic from a personal and professional perspective.

Obama declares swine flu a national emergency   Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic ****   Cut 1 FAUCI: “So coming from outside within was the thing that started it. Doing that saved us a lot of concern and a lot of suffering, I think.”   Cut 2 Never let a crisis go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel famously said during the 2008 recession. COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As We Think SCARBOROUGH: “I want to go, Ron Fournier, to you, and just let’s — let’s just stop for a second and realize how good Donald Trump’s political operation is. Because they saw something in the numbers six months ago about Joe Biden in states like Michigan that freaked them out. In fact, they were so freaked out by what they saw if Joe Biden won the Democratic primary that the president actually risked getting impeached to stop Joe Biden in his tracks. In fact, he was so freaked out by Joe Biden running against him in the general election campaign that he did get himself impeached. And now they’re freaking out and attacking him every day. They’re talking about his family again. And now they’re even, get this, Ron, and we’re going to be showing some clips that some people sent in to us of Donald Trump and some of his interesting moments giving speeches, they’re actually attacking Joe Biden for occasionally slurring his words and having his speech jumbled up. You talk about the pot calling the kettle black. But they’re desperate. But my takeaway is, when you see Biden winning this dominantly, actually Donald Trump’s campaign knew something that the rest of us didn’t know six months ago, and that is that Joe Biden is kryptonite to Donald Trump.”     #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #Woke #DrKeith #TheScalpel #News #Politics #Future #Conservatives #Democrats #hypocrites #liberals #america #freedom #branding #progressive #truth #history #Dependence #independence #POTUS #MAGA #Trump